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The New Edge in Mind/Body Fitness combining Pilates, Yoga and Movement Therapy

Lyssa McPherson, owner of CoreStudio™ and creator of CoreFlow Therapeutic Fitness, focuses on movement therapy combining a Yoga Wall, CoreFlow equipment and her unique CoreAlign Mat for rehabilitation, athletic performance and coordination. She has a new studio just above the Yoga Center in downtown Corvallis.Lyssa on the Yoga Wall
111 NW 2nd Street, Suite B
in downtown Corvallis
For more information, please call 541-760-0635

Lyssa McPherson, BS, CPT-PMA

Lyssa McPherson

CoreFlow Fitness Specialist
Professional Pilates Instructor
CoreAlign Master Teacher

Lyssa McPherson, owner/founder of CoreStudio™ Corvallis and creator of CoreFlow™ Mind/Body Fitness has been involved in the mind/body movement for over 25 years. For the last decade she has been a leader in bringing cutting-edge fitness to the Corvallis community culminating in the creation of CoreFlow which combines Pilates, yoga, movement therapy and energy balancing techniques for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, athletic performance and neuromuscular coordination.

“CoreFlow is a re-education process that brings mind and body toward a more bio-intelligent way of being … a place where core stability and functional mobility work in harmony with our daily lives.”
—Lyssa McPherson

Her CoreFlow Therapeutic Fitness Program was created in response to a growing need for the ‘new edge’ in mind/body fitness which expands the current concept of core conditioning into a synergeistic 4-part program to help clients achieve their goals of pain=-free movement, enhanced